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DALLAS, Georgia – Video of a black Atlanta couple refusing a contractor who has arrived in their driveway with a giant Confederate flag hanging from their truck goes viral. But, they hope it will spark more in-depth conversations about race and civility, despite people’s disagreement.

Zeke and Allison Brown had tried to arrange to have their golf cart brakes fixed. They were able to hire a contractor and, after a few trips back and forth, were finally able to determine last Saturday as the day to make the repairs.

But, as seen in the doorbell camera video from the couple’s home in Dallas, Ga., It didn’t go as planned when the contractor showed up with the Confederate flag fluttering behind the truck.

“I’m sorry, I know you’ve come a long way, but we’re going to use someone else,” Allison can be heard saying in the video, as she opens the door.

“She’s mad at the flag,” Zeke tries to explain.

“I’m more than upset with the flag,” Allison adds.

The Undertaker can be faintly heard saying he would take it off, but Allison replies, “You don’t need to take it off.”

“You can continue to believe what you believe, sir, but I cannot pay you for your services,” she said. “Thanks, have a good day.”

Zeke and Allison said that despite the video going viral, they are hoping it will spark a more in-depth conversation.

“My hope is that people realize that you can face someone calmly and harshly… you can just talk to someone calmly and make your point and they still fully understand what you mean,” Allison said. , adding that it is also her conscious choice to spend her money with whomever she wants.

Zeke added, “I think if we learn to have these conversations and good information exchanges, where people listen and retain information, then learn from that information, then share the right information, I think it has to be. produce. . “

“If a change is needed, be ready to work on it and be ready to teach what you have learned and if you have more information than others just be ready to share that,” Zeke concluded.

The video has since gone viral online – where it caught the attention of comedian DL Hughley, musician Questlove and more.

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