Do you suffer from a gas leak in Birmingham? We will solve it!

Many people are not aware of the possible consequences of a gas leak in their home. For example, did you know that an explosion in your home could occur as a result of the gas leak? Or what about the choking hazard that this leakage entails! It indicates how important it is to have a gas leak repaired as quickly as possible. Our plumbers are ready to offer a solution for a gas leak in Birmingham. We can trace the source of the leak for you with special tools. Once the source has been found, we will provide a suitable solution to prevent worse!

It may be wise to install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. With a carbon monoxide detector, a gas leak can be recognized at an early stage.

The occurrence of a gas leak

There are several possible causes for a gas leak in the house. For example, a gas leak can be the result of appliances that are incorrectly connected to the gas pipes, damage to the gas pipes due to work in or around your home, and so on. It is not without reason that households are often advised to leave jobs in the field of gas pipes to a plumber. Our plumbers have extensive experience in installing and connecting gas pipes, which means that the chance of leaks is very small.

Tip: check carefully in advance where gas pipes run through your home and garden if you are going to work on an extension or renovation. This will prevent you from damaging these gas pipes and thus causing a gas leak.

Help with repairing a leak

If you think you are experiencing a gas leak, have it resolved as soon as possible. This will prevent an explosion or suffocation! With a strong gas smell, it is wise to open the windows and doors in your home, so that the gas smell can evaporate. It may also be wise to close the main gas tap in the house to prevent the leakage from getting worse. This main gas tap is often located in the meter cupboard of your home.

Our plumbers offer an emergency service for people with an emergency. This emergency service for gas leaks is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, we also provide you with appropriate assistance in the late evening and at weekends in case of dangerous gas leaks.