Do you suffer from a leak in Manchester? We help you!

A leak, together with a blockage of the drain or a malfunction in the boiler, is one of the biggest annoyances for many homeowners. This is not for nothing! A leak in your home can cause water damage that is difficult to repair. Consider, for example, mold spots on walls, floors, and ceilings. Or what about rotting spots in wooden furniture, the wood under your roofing, or wooden floors? To prevent such water damage, it is very important that you have a leak repaired as soon as possible. The plumbers of our plumbing company are ready to detect and deal with a leak in Manchester for you. The sooner you have a leak remedied, the more limited the water damage will logically be.

Tip: it may be wise to have your home checked for leaks every two or three years. Leaks often arise in places that you cannot immediately check or see. Consider, for example, a leak between your walls or just above your ceiling! In such a situation, you will only notice the leak yourself when there is water damage to your home. It is actually too late at that point! By having your home checked for leaks preventively, you can prevent such a situation. We are happy to help you with this by carrying out leak detection for you.

Different types of leaks in the house

Leaks can arise in many different places within your home. Consider, for example, a leak under your roof covering, a leak around pipes, a leak at the connection of your sanitary facilities to the drain, and so on. Not only can the leakage occur in many different places in the house, but there can also be various causes of leakage. In the event of a leak under your roof covering, for example, consider causes such as serious wear and tear, damage as a result of the wind, etc. During the storm in autumn or winter, branches and small stones can hit the roof covering, causing minor damage.

If you are dealing with leaks around your pipes, various causes can also be identified. Think of leaks as a result of pipes that have been installed in the wrong way, leaks through connection points that are weakened, leaks due to drilling holes in walls in the wrong place, and so on. As already described, you will only be aware of many of these leaks when the water damage has already occurred.

Perform a leak detection in Manchester

Our plumbers have advanced tools to carry out leak detection within your home in the event of a leak. With these tools, we can find the source of a leak for you without having to use chopping and breaking work. Previously, when solving a leak, it was often necessary to pick up walls and floors. Fortunately, that is no longer the case today! This way we prevent you from being left in the rubble after solving the leak in your home. Leak detection can be performed with ultrasonic vibrations or with a thermographic camera, depending on the nature of a leak.

Based on the source found with the leak detection, we can provide a suitable solution to resolve the leak for you. In many cases, for example, it will be sufficient to replace the broken pipe sections. In the event of leaks under your roof covering, the damaged roof covering must be repaired or replaced as well. We can advise you on this and immediately implement the solution to prevent further water damage.