Drain clogged in London City? We help you!

Is your drain blocked in London City? Call in the help of our plumber to unclog a blocked drain in London City. In many cases, it is no longer possible to provide a solution yourself with a blocked drain. A starting blockage can still be resolved with an unblocker and unblocker from the store. Often a blocked drain is accompanied by an unpleasant sewage smell in the house. In the worst case, you will no longer be able to use your toilet, sink, or shower/bath. You don’t want to think about not being able to go to the toilet for a long evening, do you?

Help when my drain is clogged

When your drain is clogged, we can flush it under high pressure for you. Spraying the drain means that the residual waste at the bottom of the drain is discharged to the central sewerage system. This way, a blockage is literally solved for you! A blocked drain can also be unclogged with a small hook or a brush. This is necessary if flushing the drain has no effect. Think of a large clump of residual waste that has remained at the bottom of the drain.

You can leave a blocked drain solved to our emergency service. Our emergency plumber in London City is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you never have to sit in that nasty sewage smell for long! Just as that you don’t have to get through the evening without a toilet or shower.

Creation of a blocked drain

A blocked drain is often caused by residual waste. With residual waste, you can think of food scraps, large amounts of toilet paper, small leaves and twigs, and so on. Once in the drain, the residual waste falls to the bottom of the drain, where it remains. The water in the drain does not flow powerfully enough to take the residual waste from the bottom to the central sewer system. This means that the accumulation of residual waste will continue to increase, clogging your drain.

It is wise to have your drain flushed preventively once every two years. The chance that your drain will become blocked is a bit smaller! You can also prevent a blocked drain by unclogging it yourself. In a supermarket, you will find various unclogging products for unclogging a drain. Such means will only work when a blockage in your drain starts.