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NASA Program Director for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), Gregory Robinson, has been named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022.

Robinson, who leads the JWST mission, joined NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) in 2018 and is now recognized alongside other honorees, such as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Oprah Winfrey.

“Greg has shown outstanding leadership on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope through the challenges and incredible successes of this historic mission,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Congratulations, Greg, and thank you for your incredible service on behalf of NASA and all of humanity.”

NASA astrophysicist and Nobel laureate John Mather submitted Robinson’s inclusion on the list, congratulating him on his accomplishments.

“Our teams gravitate around Greg because we trust him to ask questions, understand our concerns and respect our opinions,” he wrote. “He makes it look easy, but I can barely imagine how he does it, and I admire him tremendously for that.”

Robinson joined NASA in 1989, serving in several leadership positions over the course of his career, including many spaceflight and space shuttle missions. Robinson, a graduate of Virginia Union and Howard University, has accumulated more than 30 years of engineering, program and project management, and senior executive leadership during his tenure at the agency.

“I am thrilled and honored to be recognized as part of the TIME100,” Robinson said in a statement. “I certainly want to thank an incredible team of NASA engineers, scientists and technicians; our base of entrepreneurs and universities; and partners around the world, who have shown incredible resilience in the Webb mission through design, development, testing, launch and now going live.

“We witnessed an extraordinary moment when Webb was launched on Christmas Day, a gift to the world. As we near the end of the commissioning process for the science instrument and observatory, we have innovated and overcame many challenges to deliver breathtaking views of our primeval universe this summer and for many years to come.

Coralie Chun Matayoshi Explains the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Hawaii Homes https://dailyplumber.co.uk/coralie-chun-matayoshi-explains-the-effects-of-sea-level-rise-on-hawaii-homes/ Mon, 23 May 2022 22:50:55 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/coralie-chun-matayoshi-explains-the-effects-of-sea-level-rise-on-hawaii-homes/

Honolulu (KHON2) – Coralie Chun Matayoshi explains the effects of sea level rise on the local real estate sector in KHON2’s latest podcast episode titled “What’s The Law”.

According to scientists at the University of Hawaii, Oahu could lose 40% of its beaches over the next 20 years, due to sea level rise accelerated by climate change.

“Sea level rise in itself is not inherently bad for beaches or the cause of beach loss. Instead, it is how we have responded to it, allowing seawalls, sand burritos and other forms of artificial hardening of the shoreline.When the waves hit the walls and sandbags along the beaches, the sand is carried back into the ocean and the beach is eventually washed away. these man-made structures, our beaches could adapt to rising sea levels by migrating inland as the waves get higher and higher,” says Coralie Chun Matayoshi, producer and host of What’s the Law by KHON2.

According to Chun Matayoshi, the public trust doctrine states that beaches belong to Hawaii residents and that the government has a duty to protect natural resources such as beaches for future generations.

Chun Matayoshi says, “For years, the government allowed landowners to apply for waivers to build seawalls, but a law passed in 2020 now prohibits the construction of seawalls and other coastal reinforcement projects. Private owners can still apply for emergency permits to install temporary protections like the sand burrito, but the state must enforce the 3-year limit and not allow them to stay indefinitely. And last year, the legislature passed a bill requiring sellers to disclose to buyers any threat of sea level rise – the law went into effect on May 1.

In addition to the effects of sea level rise, the latest podcast episode of “What’s The Law,” explains why the state legislature chose to get rid of payday loans.

“Last year, the Legislature got rid of payday loans in favor of installment loans that are repaid over time in smaller amounts. The maximum loan amount is $1,500 with a maximum interest rate of 36% and up to $35/month in fees. Lenders must be licensed and follow certain rules, and the new law came into effect at the beginning of this year,” says Chun Matayoshi.

Viewers can listen to “What’s The Law” every Monday via KHON2’s official website.

KHON2 Presents “What’s the Law”


Teenager’s sudden death, payday loan rage and concern over collapsing Liverpool markets https://dailyplumber.co.uk/teenagers-sudden-death-payday-loan-rage-and-concern-over-collapsing-liverpool-markets/ Sun, 22 May 2022 09:34:20 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/teenagers-sudden-death-payday-loan-rage-and-concern-over-collapsing-liverpool-markets/

These are the last headlines from ECHO this morning.

Mum feels a part of her is gone after her 18-year-old son’s sudden death

An 18-year-old man who “saw the best in everyone” has died in his sleep from a rare heart condition.

John Nesbitt had just completed his A-Levels and was eager to take up a place at the University of Birmingham. But the teenager died suddenly in his sleep from a rare heart condition which showed no signs or symptoms.

John’s heart stopped beating following an arrhythmia caused by myocarditis – a condition in which the body’s immune system causes inflammation in response to infection. The condition is extremely rare and can be triggered by something like a cold.

Read the full story here.

Dad disgusted with payday loan company compensation

A father has racked up thousands of pounds in debt with a payday loan company which he says is ‘playing on people’s misery’.

George Lea, 76, and his wife Linda, 71, from Tuebrook, have taken out a number of loans from home loan provider Provident over the years to help pay for groceries, Christmas and birthdays. George said the loans were a “quick fix” at the time, but with sky-high interest rates they quickly got into debt.

READ MORE : Exorbitant costs of researching and resolving city council issues

Provident, was part of a company called PFG, which previously provided short-term, guarantor and home loans with interest rates up to 1,557.7% APR – but after being hit hard by sales claims abusive, the company permanently closed its doors on December 31 of last year. .

Learn more here.

Concern over multi-million collapse of Liverpool markets company

A collapsed firm which handled contracts for Liverpool City Council owes the local authority millions of pounds.

Liverpool Markets Limited, (LML), which ran council markets across the city, went into liquidation in May 2019. A report by FRP Advisory Limited LLP liquidators has now revealed that LML owes the council £3,469,896.00.

Colin Laphan, chairman of the Liverpool Markets Traders Association, said he did not understand how debt had risen to such levels before the lockdown period.

Read the full story here.

]]> Franklin Special School District Celebrates New Gym and Performing Arts Center https://dailyplumber.co.uk/franklin-special-school-district-celebrates-new-gym-and-performing-arts-center/ Sat, 21 May 2022 10:00:02 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/franklin-special-school-district-celebrates-new-gym-and-performing-arts-center/

photo of Donna Vissman

The Franklin Special School District (FSSD) announced on Friday the completion of the new gymnasium at Poplar Grove Elementary School and the Franklin Special School District Performing Arts Center (PAC). To celebrate the grand openings of both facilities, the district held two ribbon-cutting ceremonies on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Staff, students, school board members and community members attended the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the gymnasium and the performing arts center and had the opportunity to tour both facilities after each event. As part of the PAC celebration, a stone-engraved logo was revealed on the building’s facade and the FSSD Legacy Gallery, a curated 650-square-foot facility that celebrates the school district’s history since its inception in 1906, was unveiled. been opened.

For years, Poplar Grove Elementary and Poplar Grove Middle shared a gym, which caused scheduling issues and created the need for an alternate space to hold PE classes, sporting events, and large school gatherings. The new elementary school gymnasium features a full-size basketball court, two cross practice courts, a volleyball court, four-square courts, and 480 seats for students and spectators. Additionally, the gymnasium includes a concession stand, multiple locker rooms, offices for teachers, and a multipurpose room that doubles as a storm shelter.

“Our goal was to make it easier and more transparent to use space between the two schools,” said Dr. Alisha Erickson, Principal of Poplar Grove Elementary. “The new gymnasium will provide Poplar Grove Elementary with space for daily physical education classes, in addition to capacity for sports practices and events. We know what a huge benefit this space will be to the health and happiness of our students. »

The opening of the Franklin Special School District Performing Arts Center also marks a significant milestone for the district. The FSSD PAC is a 34,400 square foot facility that can accommodate 490 people. Seats surround a pushed stage, which extends into the audience on three sides, with a 120 square foot proscenium. The stage is equipped with a complete fly loft of 49 feet accessible by catwalks. The PAC also includes dressing rooms, pre-performance spaces and prop rooms as well as a build shop, concessions stand, ticket office and the Legacy Gallery.

“The Franklin Special School District intentionally emphasizes the education of the whole child. This means that we believe the fine arts are not only necessary, but an essential component of student learning,” said Dr David Snowden, Principal of the Schools. “The new performing arts center will be open to all students, and its use will expand and enhance the exceptional programs that are part of every school in the district. We look forward to this state-of-the-art facility providing students and community members with a meaningful way to participate in the arts.

The PAC was designed to feature the seasonal school plays, holiday musicals, and graduation ceremonies for the eight FSSD schools. Once fully operational and the calendar of school events established, it will also be accessible to the community and can be rented by the public for special events.

World | HFR Design served as architect and Nabholz Construction served as construction manager for both projects.

“We are proud to celebrate another successful project with the Franklin Special School District and look forward to seeing the positive impact these new facilities have on students, educators and the community,” said Stephen Griffin, AIA, director of world | HFR design. “As a national company with a heritage of over 100 years in Middle Tennessee, we take special pride in the projects we design in the communities where we live and work, and that’s one of the many reasons why we are thrilled to be a part of these projects and celebrations.

Poplar Grove Elementary School is located at 2959 Del Rio Pike, Franklin, TN 37069. PAC is also located on the Poplar Grove campus.

About Franklin Special School District
The Franklin Special School District serves 3,200 K-8 students in eight schools. Its boundaries encompass the greater Franklin, Tennessee area. The mission of the Franklin Special School District is to foster the academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative development of every student; instill a desire to continue learning; cultivate respect for all; and promote responsible citizenship. For more information, visit www.fssd.org.

About Wold | HFR design
World | HFR Design is a national firm with a Tennessee heritage focused on providing thoughtful architecture and engineering that helps improve the lives of communities in the Southeast and beyond. Founded as Hart Freeland Roberts over 100 years ago, HFR Design joined Wold to expand both companies’ extensive government, healthcare, senior living and education portfolios under one entity. With local offices in Brentwood and Jackson Tenn., Wold | HFR Design strives to have a positive impact on the lives of its clients and all those who occupy the spaces it designs on their behalf. To learn more, visit www.woldae.com.

About Nabholz Construction
Founded in 1949, Nabholz is now a full-service contractor providing construction, industrial, excavation, specialty, environmental and rail services from its network of locations across Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri , Mississippi, Tennessee and Connecticut. For more information, visit www.nabholz.com.

List of news | Village of Oswego, Illinois https://dailyplumber.co.uk/list-of-news-village-of-oswego-illinois/ Fri, 20 May 2022 20:10:43 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/list-of-news-village-of-oswego-illinois/

At its May 17 meeting, council unanimously approved a contract to improve pedestrian and motor vehicle safety in downtown Oswego. The project includes the construction of traffic lights on US Route 34 at the intersections of Main and Harrison streets.

As of 2019, the village completed traffic and pedestrian studies along Route 34 to ensure improvements met Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) mandates and the village hosted two open days to gather feedback from residents and businesses on the project.

The Village has implemented short-term solutions to help with safety, including the flashing pedestrian light, vehicle speed warning signs and pavement markings. However, with more businesses and increased foot traffic, as well as additional vehicles using this main downtown corridor, a more complex plan is required to address safety concerns.

“We began planning for these critical safety upgrades with the state in June 2019,” Village Chairman Troy Parlier said. “Everything is finally falling into place and we are pleased to move forward with the contractor to complete the project, which will keep residents and visitors safe while traveling through our downtown core. »

As part of the traffic light construction, the $1.3 million project involves the installation of an interconnect system to better manage traffic flow and synchronization of all traffic lights on the US Route 34 between Illinois Route 31 and Illinois Route 25. Traffic lights will also be synchronized with railroad signals to ensure there is enough time for vehicles to clear the tracks at the approaching trains. Instead of loops in the roadway, the new signals will feature cameras capable of remotely monitoring the flow of traffic.

Due to supply chain issues with sign posts and other key materials, work is expected to be completed by July 2023. More information on this project can be found by visiting the Site Safety webpage. downtown Oswego at www.oswegoil.org/government/departments/travaux-publics/securite-pedestrians-centre-ville.

Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations Offers Discounts for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Manassas, VA https://dailyplumber.co.uk/ebenezer-general-contractor-innovations-offers-discounts-for-bathroom-and-kitchen-renovations-in-manassas-va/ Fri, 20 May 2022 15:21:24 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/ebenezer-general-contractor-innovations-offers-discounts-for-bathroom-and-kitchen-renovations-in-manassas-va/

Manassas, Virginia – Home improvement is one of the best ways to add value to a home. Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations makes it easier for clients to enjoy their spaces by offering kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, deck installation, concrete driveway, masonry, gutter and screened porches. Manassas Kitchen Renovation Contractor is one of the top companies helping customers achieve their kitchen dreams, backed by years of kitchen remodeling experience in Manassas, VA. The company’s dedicated team of technicians renovates homes, kitchens, offices and any other space requested by customers. The company is currently offering bathroom and kitchen remodeling rebates to residents of Manassas, Va., which will allow customers to make changes to their home at a lower price. Even with the offer, the quality of service will remain at the top.

“We have been serving the residents of Manassas for years, and our goal has been to provide quality and affordable work to our clients. We make sure our packages fit your budget and give you value for your money. In order to appreciate our esteemed customers, we offer a 5% discount to our seniors and a 10% discount to those who are in the military. We hope this initiative makes you feel appreciated by the entire Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations team,” the company representative said.

The Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations team values ​​referrals and how their customers come back for more business. The deed made the business known to most of the people of Manassas and all surrounding areas, resulting in its growth over the years.

The success of Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations is in line with their excellent customer support services. Each client is served according to their needs. To start, the team will ask to know the area that needs remodeling. Subsequently, the materials used, the colors, the design, the finish and the entire budget are personalized for each client. In addition, the team is fast, professional and communicates in case of changes along the way.

For those looking to remodel a kitchen, bedroom or office in Manassas and surrounding areas, it is advisable to opt for a company that has experts who can offer a quality renovation. Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations has been in the industry for years and their experience is second to none. They will save time in the completion of the project and help customers by giving them the best to meet their needs perfectly and with an aesthetic finish.

Visit their website for more discount information. To speak with a call representative, contact the company at 703-520-7366. Ebenezer General Contractor Innovations is located at 7819 Old Centerville Rd, Manassas, VA, 20111, USA.

Media Contact

Company Name
Innovations from general contractor Ebenezer
Name of the contact
Dadwin Arriaga
7819 Old Centerville Road
Postal code
United States

Tampa City Lawyers Consider Building Law Changes After Downtown Hanna Avenue Debacle | Tampa Bay News | Tampa https://dailyplumber.co.uk/tampa-city-lawyers-consider-building-law-changes-after-downtown-hanna-avenue-debacle-tampa-bay-news-tampa/ Thu, 19 May 2022 17:31:51 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/tampa-city-lawyers-consider-building-law-changes-after-downtown-hanna-avenue-debacle-tampa-bay-news-tampa/
Click to enlarge

Justin Garcia

Construction is underway on Tampa’s Hanna Avenue project, despite months of controversy.

After the City of Tampa’s mistake in privately selecting a contractor for its $108 million “City Center at Hanna Avenue” project, the city attorney’s office is considering changes to the appeals process. bids for construction.

Tampa City Attorney Morris Massey addressed council today, saying he submitted a memo to city council members seeking to adjust the city’s bidding process . Since last December, there has been an outcry from the community over the city handing over the massive downtown project to DPR Construction without a public tender.

“I submitted a memo with some recommended changes to our CCNA rules to increase transparency and limit the ability to increase project scope,” Massey said.

CCNA stands for Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act. Several local construction experts have argued that the city violated state and local laws, including the CCNA, when the city skipped a public bidding process for the downtown project.

The city has argued that it follows state and local CCNA laws, but is now seeking to adjust local law to address transparency issues.

“With regard to the issue of transparency, we recommend that the rules be amended to require publication of the announcement of the need for design-build services at least 30 days before the deadline for submission of proposals and qualifications, and to demand publication on the city’s website,” Massey said.

Massey also suggested that a list of construction companies be maintained by the contract administration department and that all such companies be notified separately of construction projects that will be tendered in the future. .

Another controversial aspect of the downtown project was the increase in the amount of money granted to DPR Construction. What started as a $6 million repair project grew into a $108 million downtown project, with no other companies having a chance to compete for it.

“With respect to the issue of growing or limiting the ability to increase the scope of a project, we suggest that rules be enacted that would prohibit Cardinal [this means contract] or material changes,” Massey said. “And these would include changes to the set of design criteria for a project’s plans and specifications that will result in a change in land use, site expansion, relocation or change in use of facilities. , a change of a main utility under construction or more than double the length of a utility project.

Massey added that the changes would also apply to any project that doubles in cost, and that such a cost increase would constitute a cardinal or contractual change. Any plan that doubles in cost or undergoes a significant change should go through the CCNA process again, under the suggested changes. This would mean that the project would also have to come back to the council for approval.

Councilman Bill Carlson thanked Massey for the work of the city attorney’s office, but said that doubling the cost of a project being the threshold concerned him.

“I wish it was like 20% or something, but you’ll also have to look at what’s reasonable,” Carlson said.

Massey said construction case law dictates that doubling the cost of a project is generally the threshold.

The city council did not set a meeting date to consider the city attorney’s memo, but no one objected to Massey’s suggestions.

After community concern, the city brought the black community more into the project, which is located at 2515 E Hanna Avenue, bordering East Tampa. The city also included local union apprentices in the project, which is required by city ordinance, after initially failing to do so.

Community and council members have questioned who approved the flawed project since last December, with city prosecutors saying they don’t know who did. In April, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor finally admitted she had approved it, after publicly calling for transparency and accountability among city council members.

“The mayor talked about transparency and accountability,” Carlson said at today’s meeting. “Let’s make sure we’re transparent and accountable in all of these purchasing processes.”

05/18: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Announces Arrest List – American Press https://dailyplumber.co.uk/05-18-calcasieu-parish-sheriff-announces-arrest-list-american-press/ Wed, 18 May 2022 22:59:54 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/05-18-calcasieu-parish-sheriff-announces-arrest-list-american-press/

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

Colston Jacques Blanchard, 19, 421 W. School St. ‚ possession of marijuana, first offense (14 grams or less); two counts of drug possession. Deposit: $9,000.

Christopher Charles Heape39, 2921 Weil Drive, Sulfur – domestic violence battery.

Raleigh James Reeves II, 52, 583 E. Telephone Road, Moss Bluff—theft $1,000 but less than $5,000; criminal intrusion. Deposit: $6,000.

Lance Peyton Fontenot, 45, 210 College St., DeQuincy—domestic violence battery; domestic violence battery, child endangerment; obstruction of justice.

Shawn Allen Rogers43, 511 S. Irwin St., Sulfur — battery of love partner, first offense.

Shawn Evans Ledoux, 43, West Monroe – residential contractor fraud $1,000 or blue less than $5,000; misapplication of payments by contractors prohibited over 1,000. Bail: $40,000.

Leigh Ann LeDoux40 years old, West Monroe — fraud by a residential contractor of $1,000 or more but less than $5,000; misapplication of payments by contractors prohibited over 1,000. Bail: $40,000.

Dreu Alan Reinecke, 25, 1211 S. Stanford St., Sulfur — aggravated assault for domestic violence; simple criminal damage to property under $1,000; disturb the peace.

Dustin Paul Boudreaux, 31, 111 Eve Landry Road, Creole – license plate change; driving a vehicle while the license is suspended; four counts of simple burglary; four counts of theft of $25,000 or more; four counts of single criminal damage to property of $50,000 or more.

Justin Daniel Stark, 48, 3400 Knight Lane — possession of unidentifiable firearms; direct contempt of court. Deposit: $35,000.

Tyler Ray Cooley, 24, 715 Crickett Road — simple criminal damage to property under $1,000; illegal possession of stolen items of $5,000 but less than $25,000; drug possession; illegal use of controlled hazardous substances in the presence of persons under the age of 17; contributing to juvenile delinquency; resist a fleeing officer.

The Women’s Resource Center moves to new premises https://dailyplumber.co.uk/the-womens-resource-center-moves-to-new-premises/ Tue, 17 May 2022 13:30:03 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/the-womens-resource-center-moves-to-new-premises/

A nonprofit that prepares women for success in the workplace will move to a new location.

After 20 years of delivering programs and services from an office at 678 Front Ave. NW in Grand Rapids, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is preparing to move to a new headquarters at 816 Madison Ave. SE.

With its recently launched Propel fundraising campaign, WRC hopes to invest $2 million in the new space, expand programs and increase visibility in the community.

Sandra Gaddy, CEO of WRC, said the campaign and the move will help the center direct more women to meaningful employment opportunities.

“We simply lack the space to offer a full suite of programs as demand for our services grows,” Gaddy said. “The campaign will allow us to serve more than 700 women each year and provide more diverse and improved services and programs in our new space.

The 6,234 square foot space will have greater training capacity through classes and workshops and expand WRC’s business boutique offerings. The center can also provide a new drop-in center for mothers attending WRC courses.

“Location is important,” Gaddy said. “The new location will allow us to be closer to many of the women we serve and provide access to services for those we are not yet reaching.

The new headquarters also positions the center within one mile of seven of its community partner organizations.

Currently, WRC has earned $1.6 million for its campaign finance goal. A silent phase began in fall 2021 and a public launch took place on April 28.

After a successful campaign, Gaddy said the WRC hopes to break new ground in the construction and renovation of the current building on the Madison Avenue property within months. Erhardt Construction will be the general contractor for the project.

Gaddy said the center plans to move into the space by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

What if you can’t pay the medical bills? https://dailyplumber.co.uk/what-if-you-cant-pay-the-medical-bills/ Mon, 16 May 2022 14:05:55 +0000 https://dailyplumber.co.uk/what-if-you-cant-pay-the-medical-bills/

Are your medical bills and overdue notices piling up on your table? You might be tempted to throw them all away, but that won’t be the best solution. You can’t pretend your debt doesn’t exist even if you think you can’t afford to pay it back.
About 61% of consumers with medical debt reported feeling stressed, while 49% lost sleep over medical bills and 23% were unwilling to repay existing medical debt. Do not give up repaying this debt. Here’s what happens if you don’t pay your medical bills.

What happens if you don’t pay your medical bills?

You will feel stressed

Sure get a $200 payday loan no credit check may be an appropriate solution to cover your medical expenses without a credit check. But if you already have a mountain of medical debt that you can’t handle, you might be afraid of phone calls and collection offices.

Some collection agencies have aggressive tactics to return the money unless you write letters begging them to stop these behaviors or find a lawyer to protect you. You may want to offer a reasonable monthly payment and negotiate this arrangement with the doctor’s office or hospital.

Having to apply for payday loans for this purpose also brings added stress. According to research on payday loans in americamost borrowers use payday loans to fund their day-to-day expenses over the months, while the average borrower is in debt about five months a year.

Research shows that the first time consumers took out a payday loan, 69% used it to cover utilities, rent or credit card bills, while 16% used it as help with medical bills or auto repair.

Invoices can go to collections

You should take immediate action if the hospital billing department threatens to send your bills to collections. Medical bills on your credit report will seriously hurt your credit rating. You may need to work with the doctor’s office or hospital billing department if you want to avoid having your account sent to the collection agency.

Your credit rating may suffer

The health care provider may not send your account to collections. However, this does not mean that the result will be positive. The hospital may report missed or late payments to credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.

Are Medical Bills Affecting Your Credit? Yes, once this information appears on your credit report, it goes into the Payment History category. This category accounts for 35% of your credit rating, so it can significantly lower your rating.

You can find a suitable solution

You should do your best to think about a settlement, payment plan, or some type of arrangement between you and the doctor’s office. The sooner you find a suitable solution, the more likely you are to avoid going to collections or lowering your credit score.

You can get a credit card with a 0% introductory APR for a long time. This option also depends on your credit rating, your ability to repay debt on time, and other factors.

It is possible to buy additional time

Did you know that credit reporting agencies must wait 180 days before posting outstanding debt on your credit report? They count 180 days after receiving information about your unpaid medical debt. In other words, you still have a grace period of six months to try to negotiate this debt and resolve it. Otherwise, it will show up on your credit report and damage your rating.

Is a medical loan right for you?

Many people decide to take out a personal loan or a medical loan to finance their bills. It is important that you define whether applying for a medical loan can be a beneficial decision in your situation. It is useful if:

You can afford monthly payments

Many loans can be repaid in monthly installments or installments. If you calculate the total loan amount and it can easily fit into your budget, you can withdraw that money. Make sure you fully understand the loan terms and APR, and get a decent interest rate.

You consolidate your medical debt

Some consumers have high-interest medical bills that want to be consolidated. This decision will help you get a lower interest rate, manage your monthly loan payments, and pay off debt faster.

Do not take out a medical loan if:

You qualify for special programs and grants

Consumers, who are eligible for assistance from government programs, grants, and charities, may not need to apply for a medical loan. Look for alternative solutions or ask your hospital for a hardship plan before you decide to take out a loan.

High APR

Borrowers with poor and fair credit (FICO score below 689) may get a high creditor APR. As a result, you will have to pay higher interest rates and the total loan sum might not be affordable for you. If you calculate the total amount and find it too expensive with APRs above 36%, it is better to look for other options.

to summarize

You cannot neglect your medical debt. If you have a pile of medical bills, you need to find a proper way to get rid of them. Negotiating a hardship plan with your doctor’s office or taking out a medical loan can save you the stress of the unpleasant consequences of non-payment.

If you don’t pay your medical bills on time, your debt can be collected while your credit score can take a big hit. If you want to maintain good credit and protect your credit history, follow our advice and think about the best solution for your current financial situation.