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At its May 17 meeting, council unanimously approved a contract to improve pedestrian and motor vehicle safety in downtown Oswego. The project includes the construction of traffic lights on US Route 34 at the intersections of Main and Harrison streets.

As of 2019, the village completed traffic and pedestrian studies along Route 34 to ensure improvements met Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) mandates and the village hosted two open days to gather feedback from residents and businesses on the project.

The Village has implemented short-term solutions to help with safety, including the flashing pedestrian light, vehicle speed warning signs and pavement markings. However, with more businesses and increased foot traffic, as well as additional vehicles using this main downtown corridor, a more complex plan is required to address safety concerns.

“We began planning for these critical safety upgrades with the state in June 2019,” Village Chairman Troy Parlier said. “Everything is finally falling into place and we are pleased to move forward with the contractor to complete the project, which will keep residents and visitors safe while traveling through our downtown core. »

As part of the traffic light construction, the $1.3 million project involves the installation of an interconnect system to better manage traffic flow and synchronization of all traffic lights on the US Route 34 between Illinois Route 31 and Illinois Route 25. Traffic lights will also be synchronized with railroad signals to ensure there is enough time for vehicles to clear the tracks at the approaching trains. Instead of loops in the roadway, the new signals will feature cameras capable of remotely monitoring the flow of traffic.

Due to supply chain issues with sign posts and other key materials, work is expected to be completed by July 2023. More information on this project can be found by visiting the Site Safety webpage. downtown Oswego at

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